Top300 Western Cape – Research Criteria
The criteria for appearing in Top300 Western Cape were developed in partnership with the Cape Chamber of Commerce, the Western Cape Provincial Government, Accelerate and Wesgro.
Topco Media’s internal research department vetted a list of over 7 000 companies within the Western Cape and then focused extensive research on the resulting top 1 000. In drawing up the criteria, cognisance was taken of the fact that the Western Cape is home to roughly 10 percent of South Africa’s population, contributes almost 15 percent of national output and attracts over 16 percent of the country’s foreign direct investment. This stage of research resulted in a list of 350 companies, excluding parastatals, government agencies and structures, which was sent to our partners for final adjudication based on our criteria, to produce the final list, representing the Top 300 companies in the Western Cape.

The final criteria were drawn up and agreed upon between our partners, and included:
• National turnover
• Western Cape turnover as a percentage of national turnover or at least 20 percent of total national revenue
• Number of employees in the Western Cape: at least 100 employees or 20 percent of total national workforce
• Head office location and number of satellite offices in the Western Cape
• Percentage of income from exports
• Planned revenue growth over the next five years
• Planned staff increase over the next five years
• Peer consensus through feedback on top five competitors